Emergency Oxygen Provider

Oxygen: the go to medicine for many diving emergencies; but which ones? How do I provide it? To whom?  And how do I recognise the right medical diving emergencies? Answer these questions for yourself and be prepared to provide this essential medical gas during your O2 provider course.
What does the course consist of?

During your O2 provider course you will learn:

  • About different diving, and in-water injuries and how to recognise them
  • When to administer oxygen
  • About the types of oxygen delivery systems and practice how they all work
  • The precautions required when working with oxygen 
Why choose learntodive.co.uk?
  • Our courses are taught in one location at Wraysbury Dive Centre – no need to travel around at extra expense.
  • We are able to show you and let you practice with all three different oxygen administration systems (not just talk about them).
  • All equipment, learning materials, certification and entrance to Wraysbury Dive Centre is included in the course price.  There are no hidden extras.
  • Our instructors are full time diving professionals.

What can I do after this course?

Further Courses: Specialities
Speciality Diver Courses
Speciality Diver Courses£varies on course
There are a vast array of speciaity diver courses to suit all interests and levels of diving experience.  You can learn to extend your dive time, knowledge, dive season and depth.  Favourites tend to be drysuit, peak performance buoyancy and enriched air.
Things to do after you qualify: Go on dive trips
At Wraysbury Dive Centre we organise dive trips both at home in the UK and abroad.   Trips are organised for all levels of diver.  Just keep an eye on our trips page here and on our facebook page for upcoming events.
Things to do after you qualify: Buy dive kit
You may have already bought your first dive toys but if you have not, you may be considering making that first purchase.  We would always recommend that you purchase your dive equipment from a dive shop rather than shopping online (and its not just because we have a dive shop on site).  Buying in person allows you to try things on so that you get the right fit, get the right advice and kit for the type of diving that you intend to do and benefit from the experience of those that actually go diving.  You may also end up with a better deal than you imagined.