Continue Diving

Whether you have just been introduced to the underwater world through your open water course or whether you have qualified as a rescue diver, you may have just simply scratched the surface of the underwater world.  Continue on your scuba adventure through the vast courses available for all interests and experience levels or simply come and go diving.

Advanced Open Water

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course takes the skills that you have previously learnt diving and ‘advances,’ them.  Contrary to popular myth, you do not need to be ‘advanced’ to take it.  The course is about discovery, excitement and exploration.  By taking part in different adventure dives you will gain an insight into various aspects of diving that you may wish to later take further through speciality courses.

Emergency First Response

First aid and CPR are essential skills for everyone, but especially for all those involved in adventure sports.  Divers are no exception to this.  Basic Life Support skills are vital for all divers and non-divers carrying out surface support – for that just in case moment.

Rescue Diver

The PADI Rescue course is probably the most fun, rewarding and challenging time you will have in the water! During your Rescue course we will give you the skills to identify, manage and solve problems both in yourself and others.


In diving new adventures are always waiting.  Learn, experience and understand more about the underwater world through speciality courses.  

Speciality courses are designed to improve your skills, knowledge and understanding of specific diving areas.  There are lots to choose from - the question is........which one first? 

Scuba Review (Refresher)

Has it been some time since you have been underwater?

Need a skills refresher?

Look no further….. Our scuba review (refresher) will have you back up and swimming around like a fish in no time.

Dive for Fun

If you just want some time to practice and enjoy diving - go diving for fun.