As previously mentioned, our facilities at Wraysbury Dive Centre are unique.  Our 15 acre lake is the only singularly designated dive facility in the South East of England.  It has many attractions for you to explore including a Bus, The Elizabeth Austin Lifeboat, a Cave System, Thorpe Park Rangers, the Wreck site, the Dragon Boat, the Die Hard Taxi, Sticky Uppy Boat………oh and let’s not forget the fish and aquatic life.

In the lake we also have our custom built confined water training area – our equivalent of a swimming pool.  Why be in a pool, when you can start diving in the real water environment, joined by our plentiful fish?

We have a fully equipped classroom including a state of the art Smartboard and projector.  Our materials and equipment are modern, regularly serviced and of high quality.

The Centre itself is also home to a dive shop, supplying everything you will need to make you an awesome diver.  There is a cafe, home to the world famous cheesy chips and killer bacon buttie and finally a bar, for that much deserved post-dive beer.

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