Nitrox Blender

Have you ever wondered how your nitrox cylinders are filled? Want to know how the magic happens? The Nitrox Gas Blender course will take you through the blending of nitrox in an easy to understand format.  This course provides you with the skills and confidence to competently mix nitrox gas.

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What you will learn during the course-

  • The responsibilty of the Gas Blender
  • Gases of diving
    • Air
    • Oxygen
    • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen handling
    • Oxygen hazards
    • Causes and prevention of oxygen fires
    • Oxygen system design
    • Local regulations for gas blending and handling
  • Gas production equipment
    • Compressors
    • Cylinders
    • Filtration systems
    • Analog gauges
  • Mixing techniques
    • General considerations
    • Continuous blending systems
    • De-nitrogenated air systems
    • Pre-mix system
    • Partial pressure blending mathematics
  • Oxygen analysis
    • Procedures
    • Oxygen analyzers
  • Cylinder handling and sign out

Course prequisites-

  • Minimum age 18 years old

The course takes 1 day and costs £150 this includes-

  • Nitrox Gas Blender Manual
  • Gases
  • Certification