SMB Diver

A surface marker buoy or delayed surface marker buoy is one of the most important pieces of equipment a diver can carry.  This course covers the knowledge and techniques required for the safe use of both types of SMB.

Your course will teach you:

  •      Why use a DSMB/SMB?
  •      Tides and currents
  •      Types of Surface Marker Buoys
  •      Types of Diving Reels
  •      Methods of delayed SMB deployment
  •      Potential problems with SMB use
  •      Preparing the DSMB for use

Your course will consist of some classroom work and two open water dives.  After your dives you will be able to:

  •      Safely deploy a delayed SMB from a stationary point on the bottom.
  •      Conduct a tour whilst towing an SMB on the surface whilst demonstrating the ability to reel in and reel out
  •      Safely ascent whilst using an SMB line as a tactile reference
  •      Safely deploy a delayed SMB whilst hovering
Your course is run over one day and is £175 including all equipment (with the exception of a dive mask), your site entry, materials and air fills.

For more information give us a call 01784 488007 or email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.