PADI Advanced Open Water

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course takes your newly acquired skills and enhances them. It provides you with an insight into various diving areas that you may wish to take further by Completing PADI Speciality Courses .

The Advanced Course consists of five dives which are undertaken with your Instructor.  Two of these dives are what PADI call ‘core’ dives and these are compulsory and include a deep dive and a navigation dive.  The remaining three dives may be dives of your choosing from a range that we can discuss with you such as Night Drysuit, Peak Performance Buoyancy  …The list is huge!!!!!!

We give below a brief explanation of what you can expect on some  dives. 

Deep Dive  – A Deep Dive means a dive to a depth in excess of 18 metres but no deeper than 30 metres under the direct supervision of your Instructor.

   Navigation Dive  – This dive enhances your new navigational skills with a compass (or not!!). You will be asked to perform various skills with your Instructor with and without a compass.

Dry Suit Dive  – This dive introduces you to the correct use of a dry suit for those British dives you will be doing with us during the season.

 Peak Performance Buoyancy  – Be the best and learn to make diving an art form! You too can look graceful and totally controlled with this dive option.

Night Dive  – It is just what it says on the page, a dive at night (or in the dark anyway!). An opportunity to view the underwater life in a completely different light.

Wreck Dive  – Select one of our underwater relics and learn how to dive a wreck safely and how to get the most out of your chosen wreck.  You could choose our 100+ year old lifeboat, the Elizabeth Austin, and find out about her history.

Photography  – An introduction to one of the most popular underwater activities, an opportunity to take a photo of your instructor – smile please.

The above are just a small selection of the most popular dives for the Advanced Course all of which can be upgraded to full speciality certification with further training, and we would be happy to tell you about the rest of the dive options, i.e. boat, drift, naturalist, multi-level, videography, nitrox, SMB.

The Course Fee is £295 or alternatively this course can be run on one to one basis at a cost of £450. 

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